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miércoles, agosto 09, 2006

La entrevista a Aznar en YouTube y los comentarios en Eurotribe.com

Parece que el video subtitulado de la entrevista a Aznar en la BBC que publicábamos el lunes, está dando problemas en Google Video, así que os traigo la misma entrevista que está disponible en YouTube.com (no sabemos por cuanto tiempo) para que nadie se la pierda y disfrute de una joya de este calibre. Son tres partes, a cual más jugosa. Todo un ejemplo, y si no, mirad al final lo que opinan en Eurotribe.com que lo dicen muy claro, pero que muy claro.

1ª Parte

2ª Parte

3ª Parte (y no menos interesante)

Y los comentarios prometidos:

"Well, today at Ignacio Escolar's blog I found a version of the video with Spanish subtitles (the English transcript, Spanish translation and subtitled video were done by three other Spanish bloggers). The transcript is absolutely appalling. Aznar is a semi-literate idiot, especially in English. And to think Georgetown University gave him a 1-year lectureship as a reward for his services rendered as imperial puppet... The full interview is available on BBC's website. "

"This is the first time I've ever seen him talk at length, and I was shocked not only at how bad his English is (why doesn't he just use an interpreter?) and appalled at how much more of a Neocon he is than I'd ever imagined. He belongs in a DC "think" tank.How did Spain tolerate him for eight years?!"

Para verlo completo: http://www.eurotrib.com

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